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Where Chance Encounters Are a Thing of the Past!

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Free Real-Time Tracking of your connections



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Real-Time Tracking of Your Connections on iOS & Android Platforms. Feel safe knowing that you can track your family and friends for free anywhere in the world in real-time. You no longer have to wonder where your loved ones are.

Unlimited Arrival and Departure Notifications

You can designate any locations you want such a schools, work or home and get instant notifications as soon as the connections you are tracking arrive and depart from that location. Available with All Access Premium Subscription


View Details of your Connections

View details of your connections like their direction, speed, mode of travel and a street view of their location as well as their chosen battery setting. Available with All Access Premium Subscription. These are details you will truly enjoy:


View user’s battery setting which will inform you about the accuracy of their location.


View your connections speed of travel in real-time.

Street View

Street view on the map will let you see exactly where they are.


View your connection direction of travel.

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Mode of travel will give you a much clearer picture of what your connections are doing. 

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Near by Alert

Never Miss a Connection Again with Nearby Alerts.

Have you ever literally just bumped into someone you knew? Have you ever thought about how many times you just missed someone you knew because you were looking the other way? With Serendipity, you will never miss a connection again! Get notified when your family and friends are within a range you designate up to 200 miles/320 kilometers. You can even get notified when 2nd or 3rd degree connections are nearby. Available with All Access Premier Subscription.

Route History for 90 Days

View the daily routes traveled by your connections who have allowed you to track them and get details like the exact time they left, all their stops, their speed of travel and duration of each trip for the past 90 days. Available with All Access Premier Subscription.

Six Degrees
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Six Degrees of Separation

Popular theory is that there are a maximum of six connections between you and anyone else in the world. With Serendipity you can see how you are connected between yourself and anyone else. Have you ever been surprised that your friend happens to be know someone that you know? Or have you ever wondered if you may know some of the same people as someone you just met? With Serendipity, we will show you your common connections with anyone. Just import your contacts so we know your connections and let us do the rest!

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Track Groups

Have you ever gone with a large group of family and friends someplace and then could not find someone in your group? With Serendipity, you can add everyone to a Group and then track where each and every person is on our radar. Say goodbye to people getting lost!

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Create Events & Never Wonder Why Your Friends are Late!

With Serendipity, you can create Events and invite people to a specific venue and then track exactly where they are and message them.

And with the All Access Premium Subscription, you can also see their speed and direction of travel. No more wondering where everyone is and no more text messages asking “How far and Where are you?”

Chat With Your Connections

Even in the chat box you can see their location while chatting!

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Drop a Pin and Navigate Back

With Serendipity you can always navigate to single or multiple locations

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Intelligent Alerts

Turn on Intelligent Notifications to prevent repetitive alerts for the same people in the same location at the same time each day.

Available With All-Access Premium Subscription.

Serendipitous Encounters

Have you ever gone someplace and wondered who are the people around you? With Serendipity, now you can find out not only who the person is sitting across from you but also who you both know in common!