Tracking FAQ (Only available for Subscription Plans)

There is a big difference between tracking a user (Subscription Only) and just connecting with someone (Free). Connecting with someone allows you to view that person’s location on the map and radar and list view. You can see their location at the time you are viewing them. When you track someone, you can view their direction of travel, speed of travel and method of travel (car, bike or walking). You also get to view the street view of their location. Moreover, you get 90 days of location tracking history to see all the trips they took each day each route is actually plotted on a map along with the details like speed of travel and distance traveled. It’s a very valuable feature that you will see you cannot live without.

To track someone, you first have to be connected with you on Serendipity. So they must be a connection of your first. All you have to do is go to the main menu, click onTracking, then go to Create Request Tracking and in the search and either type in the name of the person or their phone number and you can either invite someone to download the app and then you can request to track them or if they are on Serendipityas a connection, you ask to track them. When you ask to track anyone, we ask you if you want to receive arrival/departure notifications for a specific address. You can click No, just send a tracking request or you can click, Yes, I also want notifications. If you want to receive notifications, you have to choose if you want one time, just arrival or just departure or arrival and departure notifications and then enter in the address and the app will zero in on the users location to track. You can either choose their current location or enter in a new address at the top and then you can modify the radius of the geofence to as low as 350 feet to as high as 82,000 feet (approximately 15 miles). Once this is done, the request goes to the person you want to track to approve or deny the request. Once approved, you can begin tracking.

To stop tracking someone just go to Tracking in the Main Menu, then Manage Connections I’m Tracking, then scroll to the user you want to stop tracking and you can either turn off the notifications and still track the whenever you want or you can swipe right on the user’s name and click the X to delete tracking that user.

Anyone can ask to track you so they can see your location or they can ask to track you just one time or all the time with them getting arrival and departure notifications. When you get a notification from someone that they want to track you, you will receive a notification letting you know. If you go to Tracking on the Main Menu then you will see at the very top a notification of someone who wants to track you and where they want to track you. All you have to do is click Accept or Reject. If you Reject on accident, the person will need to create another tracking request.

When you both agree to become connections, you will see each others location. But for Tracking, where you get to see the persons 90 day route history and view their direction and speed and mode of travel when traveling, then this requires approval of the other party. So if someone requests to track you and you agree, they can track you but you cannot track them. You will need to make your own tracking request to view their route history and travel details like mode and speed and direction of travel.

When you pay for a subscription, you get the added benefit of viewing the battery settings of your connections. You can see what battery setting they have chosen whether it be real-time, medium, low, very low or plane or car. You will notice this by viewing the color around the user’s profile pic on the map and be sure to click on Active Connections under the Tracking Pulldown. When you click on the users profile, you will see a popup showing the time of their last update. If it is very close to the current time, then you know that is your current location. If it’s not, then you may question their current location.

Radar, List and Map View FAQ

At the very top of each of these screens are 4 main pulldowns. Connections, Community, Track Users, and Groups.

Connections has three pulldown options…All Connections, Active Connections (those users who have been had a location update in the past 24 hours) and Favorites (those are your connections that you have favorited by swiping left on their profile in list view and clicking on Favorite.

Community has 2nd and 3rd degree connection pulldowns. When you click on either of those, it shows those users who are connected to as a second or third-degree connection. So say your friends with a person named Sunil. And Sunil is friends with a person named Jayne. Then Jayne is a second-degree connection to you. And say Jayne has a friend name Sammy. Then Sammy would be your third-degree connection. And the app will show you how exactly you are 2nd and 3rd degree connections with the people around you.

Track Users has a pulldown for Active connections (those connections of yours that you are tracking who have registered a location update in the past 24 hours). And the other users in the pulldown are all the users that have allowed you to track them. This way it is very simple to go to the map view and click on a specific user and see their location. Please note this pulldown option is only available in our subscription plan.

Groups has a pulldown that shows all the groups that you are part of. This way when you click on a group, then you just use the map, radar ad list views to see all members of that group.

Radar View
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On radar view you can scroll from left to right using the slider to view how many of your connections are with the following mile radius: 5, 15, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10,000, 12,500. At the 12,500 mark, that will cover the whole world.

List View
You will also see the letter N as the radar also acts as a compass showing where North is. You will also see their most recent location update and how far away they are from you as well as the compass showing what direction they are from your location. You will also see the users battery setting they have chosen which is the image between the profile picture and your connections name. You can see either a car, an airplane or four different colors of the Serendipity icon Orange. (real-time updates), Green ( Medium battery setting), Yellow (Low battery setting) and Blue (Very low battery setting). You will also see at the bottom of the battery setting, the degree of connection you from that user).

Map View
On Map view you will see users based upon the top navigation pulldown options you choose. You also have the option of choosing from Satellite and Map views. And to make things easy for you, if the user has a grey border around the icon, that means the users location is not current. If there is a grey border, just look at the popup above the icon to see how old the last location update was. If the user’s location is current, the borders around the icon will be in the various battery setting colors of Orange, Green, Yellow and Blue. You will also see at the bottom of the battery setting, the degree of connection you from that user). On the right side of the page, if you are a subscriber, you will also see an orange icon of a person which you can drag to the map and it will take you to street view of the users location.

The distance around the world is a little less than 25,000 miles so that is why we have a radius on our radar view of up to 12,500. So when you factor in going 12,500 miles around the globe in both directions, this will cover you being able to see anywhere in the world.

Location & Accuracy FAQ

We strive to be the best tracking app in the world. With that being said, not all phones are built the same. Some Android phones don’t allow apps to properly use background location services so in the event you close the app or put it in the background, it may stop working. Please see https://dontkillmyapp.com/ for a list of phones that have this issue. Also, users can adjust their battery settings on the app which impacts how frequently their location is updated when they move with their phone. So please always be checking the user’s battery setting and click on the user icon in map view to see the date and time of their last location update. Please also be aware that users can ask to go invisible to users in which case they won’t even show up on your list or map or radar or they can turn broadcast location OFF in which case there will be no current updates to their location.

The app is very reliable if the users you are tracking have internet access. If they have internet access, the phone can send latitude longitude updates to us and we can pinpoint it’s location. But if for any reason, the app does not have internet access, all location update will stop until such time as internet access is restored. Also, please know that sometimes if you cannot see someone or don’t see a location update, the app is probably operating as it should be it’s just that the user you are tracking may have turned Broadcast location OFF or they could have gone invisible to you. Users also always have the right to stop anyone from tracking them at any time.

You can rely on the updates you see and their real location if the user has internet access and shows a recent update from the current time. Be sure to check the battery setting of the user because real-time setting is very accurate whereas the lower battery drain settings are much less accurate. We recommend users stay on real-time for accuracy purposes. What good is a tracking app if it’s not accurate, right?

Specific Phone Tracking Issues FAQ

There are a list of Android phone manufacturers that focus more on battery life than the proper functionality of the apps on your phone. Sometimes they don’t allow apps to work in the background to save battery drain but then that stops location updates. Please see here for a list of those phones: https://dontkillmyapp.com/

General FAQ

Serendipity’s whole goal is to focus on tracking and making life easier and safer for people around the world so they can track their loved ones. Other apps focus on features you don’t need, like insurance for your phone or monitoring your children’s app usage or contacting police in case you get into a car accident. We firmly believe that in the future, most people will track their loved ones to make sure that in times of crisis or emergency they will know the exact location of their loved ones. With Serendipity, we focus on location tracking and bring you all the amazing features that can be done with location tracking such as getting notified when your connections are nearby or seeing how you are connected to people right around your location.

Well, Serendipity is actually tracking your phone. Our app will show your phone’s location.

Serendipity works on 99.6% of all phones worldwide or iOS or Android and Serendipity has an app for both platforms. So rest assured, your connections will be on one of these two platforms and our app works on both.

Privacy FAQ

At Serendipity, we take your privacy very seriously. We allow you to do many things to protect yourself and these include the following:

  • Turn off Broadcast location: You can turn off tracking at any time and nobody will be able to see your location. When you are ready to turn it back on again, you can do so with a click of a button.

  • Profile Photo: We allow you to determine who can see your profile photo or just not show it at all.

  • Go Invisible: We give you a range of option to determine for whom you would like to go invisible.

  • Blocking:  You can swipe left on any user in your list view and block them and they will not be able to contact you or track you or view your location.

  • Delete : If you accidentally added someone as a contact or if you choose to remove a contact you currently have simply swipe left in List View and delete those connections.

  • Location Offset: This is an option you can use for people who you are not connected with. For those people who you do not know, you can offset your location by up to 4,000 feet so that others won’t see exactly where you. This is great if you want to add some additional safety from Serendipity app users who may not know but that are close to your location.

Group FAQ

Groups are a great way to keep track of your friends and family when out at an event together like an amusement park, or when traveling together or just when a group of people are all going out. This way you can easily keep track of all members in your group.

Groups last as long as the admin who created it, keeps it going. Only admins can delete a group.

All you have to do is go to the main group page and on the bottom right click the word Leave.

All you have to do is go the main groups page and on the top right click the + icon and you will be taken to a screen to create the group. Be sure to give it a name and you can add or invite all the people you want.

When creating a group you can choose to make it public or private. Private groups are best to create for just you and your family and friends. Public groups are great for publicizing an event that is open to the public. Local groups are public events in your local area.

In the group screen you can view all the info about the group including members of the group, who were invited, who were accepted, and the group type. When you click on Discovery, it takes you to the radar view of the group. You will see a radar icon just above the Discovery button so if you click on that, you will popups for the map view and list view of the group. Finally, there is a chat icon for you to chat with everyone in the group.

Events FAQ

Events are great for when you ask your friends to meet somewhere for dinner someplace or when you invite people for an event like a picnic. Events are great for anywhere that you invite people to a specific location and would like to keep track of where they are. With Events you will be able to track everyone in the events 2 hours prior and after the event as well as get notifications of their arrival and departure to the event. Prior and post that time, all tracking and notifications will stop.

To create an event, just go to the main events page, click on the + icon on the top right and fill out the information to create your event. Be sure to add/invite everyone you want to come to the event.

This is a great feature so say after an event, you all decide to all leave the event and go elsewhere. All you have to do is turn this event into a group and then you can continue tracking everyone after this event is over.

All you have to do is go to the main Event section and on the list view, just swipe left on the event you want to turn into a group and click on Turn into a Group. It’s that simple. The group will be created and you will be able to see the new group in the group section as well as the pulldown under Groups on the main app screen.

When you turn an event into a group, all the users in the event are asked to be a part of the group. Because you will be able to view all members of the group’s location, if you are not currently connected with any of the event members, you will receive a notification asking if you want to connect with those event members. If you agree, then you will both be connected and both parties will be able to see each other’s location. If you are already connected, then those users will automatically be shown in your group. Everyone in the group can chat within the group but if any of the members are under 18 years of age, those users will not be asked to connect with anyone. You can always leave the group at any time and you can always go invisible or block anyone you so desire.

You can just exit the group whenever you desire. All you have to do is go to the main Groups page, click on the group you want to leave, and on the bottom right you will see Leave Group. Just click on that and you will exit the group.

If someone is under 18 years of age, they will not be able to chat in the events screen.

An Admin can invite people to the group, remove users from the group, add the group picture and assign others to be admins as well. Admins can also delete the whole group entirely. Admins just have to click on the top right Edit Event Icon and then scroll down to any member of the event or group who they want to assign as an Admin and just click on Make Admin.

When you create an event, you can choose to make it public or private. Private events are great for when you have specific people you are inviting to a private event. Public events are shown to everyone and are events that anyone can join. You will get notifications of people you are connected with on Serendipity (your connections) within 2 hours before and after the event of their arrival and departure.

Drop a Pin FAQ

This is a great feature to use when you want to navigate back to a location you may not remember or to a location that does not even have a physical address such as a parking spot.

All you have to do is long press on the map and the app will drop a pin where you click. Or you can click on the top right and click on Current Location to drop a pin where you are. Be sure to click on the top right edit (pencil icon) of the popup and label the name of the location you are dropping a pin at.

All you have to do is click on the pin, then click on Open in Map and choose your preferred mapping application and you will get the directions to navigate back to your dropped pin.

All you have to do is click on My Pins at the bottom right and then swipe left and click on the delete icon.

Battery Settings FAQ

We know that not everyone is the same and everyone has different priorities when it comes to battery drainage. By default, we use the best tracking so that even if you move 9 feet, the phone will update your location. We feel that accuracy of tracking outweighs battery drainage. But we have different battery settings to that you, the user can decide what is best for you.

  • Airplane Travel: Updates once every 15 minutes of travel to make sure it captures your location on layovers.

Here are the different battery drainage options we offer as well as the location update frequency:

Everyday Mode:
Real-Time – Updates every 9 feet that your phone moves. Medium – Updates every 25 feet that your phone moves. Low – Updates every 150 feet that your phone moves. Very low – Updates every 500 feet that your phone moves.

Travel Mode:
Car Travel – Updates with an automatic algorithm that updates less the faster you drive and more frequently the slower you drive.

If you want to show your location accurately, we urge using Real-Time. Be aware that the battery drainable can get be 15% for the day or more based upon how much travel you have. If you are very concerned about battery drainage and don’t think you can recharge your phone, then you can try the other levels that reduce the accuracy and save on battery drainage.

When the phone updates your location in Real-Time then every 9 feet the phone moves (so even around your home), your phone will send us your latitude and longitude which then updates your location. The lower the battery settings, the less frequently we update your location but that also means that we cannot show others your proper location because we don’t have the location update. It is for this reason, when you track users, we show different colors around the user’s icon and that represents the battery setting they chose. This way you can determine just how accurate the location you are seeing is of the person you are tracking.

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you that make modifications to the battery settings based upon your own needs. For example, if you are at an airport and someone is picking you up or if you need to show accurate tracking, we recommend using real-time so know exactly where you are. But when getting on a plane, it’s best to choose the Airplane setting to minimize battery drain.

We recommend to keep it on Real-Time unless you are not able to re-charge your phone all day long. If you can, it’s best to keep it on real-time so that your location is accurate..which is what this app is all about.

Importing Contacts FAQ

My contacts are the contacts you have added in your phone. My Connections are those people who you have connected with on Serendipity. This means, either you or your connection requested to connect on our app and agree to share each other’s location.

First, you should import your contacts so that its super simple to invite and or connect with your contacts on Serendipity that you would like to share each other’s location. Second, we have another feature called the six degrees of separation so whenever you go to anyone’s profile on Serendipity, you can see how you are connected to them. It will show all the people you both know the same as well as the degrees of separation you have between you and that other person. So the most people we know that you know, the better our data will be to show these connections. Moreover, we have another feature where you can get notified about your connections or 2nd or 3rd degree connections who are up to 200 miles away from you. This is great for when you are traveling and finding out if your connections are nearby.

All you have to do is go to the main menu, click on the round arrows next to Contacts and you will be guided on how to import your phone contacts and invite those people to serendipity or if they are already on, you can invite them to connect on Serendipity and share your location.

Account Settings FAQ

With this option, you can determine who can send you messages in our chat.

Alert Settings are a great way to keep informed about people you know that are nearby. You can choose to get notified if a 2 or 3 degree connection is near you. Or you can choose if your connections or favorite connections are nearby to you up to 200 miles. This is a great feature to use when traveling. No more bumping into people by accident!

Intelligent alerts ensure you don’t receive repetitive alerts for the same people in the location at the same time each day.

This is simply a feature that shows if you are open to dating on your profile page.

Simple. To transfer your account to your new number just go to Alert Settings, click on Change Phone Number and follow our process to change the official number related to your account.

Just go to Account Settings and at the bottom click Log out. When this happens, nobody will be able to track your location and you will not receive any notifications from the app.

Subscriptions FAQ

Serendipity is the SAFETY App you’ve always wanted for your family and friends. Most other apps like Life360 focus on driver safety and membership features you don’t need like id theft protection, credit monitoring, roadside assistance, crime reports, etc.

With Serendipity, we focus on the intersection between technology, tracking and safety and only offer you features that focus on bringing you knowledge around these. We have cutting edge technology that allows us to bring you the following amazing tracking features that will bring safety to you and your loved ones:

  • Knowledge of Real-Time Location. Rest easy knowing you never have to worry about where you’re loved ones are. When they don’t arrive on time or you just cannot reach them by phone, just open up the app and see their exact location.

  • Get Notified of your connections who arrive and depart locations you set such as work, home or school.

  • View your connections direction and speed and mode of travel (car, bike, walking). See if they are sitting at a stoplight, which direction they are traveling and if they are on bike, car or simply walking.

  • Get Alert settings of your connections nearby. This is one amazing features that allows you to get notified when your connections are up to 200 miles away from you. Great for when traveling and realizing that other people you know are close to you.

  • View 90-day route history. Great for making sure your parents went to their doctors appointments, kids went to school or just seeing the route taken by people you are tracking. You can even view the mode of travel and speed as well as the total trip time.

  • Create groups. When traveling create groups with everyone you are traveling with and always know where everyone is. Never lose anyone. Great for amusement parks and group trips.
  • Degrees of separation. Use this feature to see how you are connected to anyone else using the app and see all of your common connections!
  • Create events. Use our Events feature to invite people to the event and see where everyone is within 2 hours before and after the event. And get notifications of their arrival and departure!
  • Serendipity is iOS and Android compatible so we cover over 99% of all phones in the world which should include the phones of all your friends and family.
    Privacy – We focus on privacy first with a lot of privacy first features including the option all users have to turn off tracking anytime they so desire.