We Gave You 3 Ways. Here are 6 More Ways to Use Serendipity!

In our last post we explained that you can view your degrees of separation, message connections, see common connections, and more. Well, now we’re here to tell you about a few other features we think you will love on the Serendipity app.

Networking is made easier with our networking feature! You can see connections within a similar field as well as showcase your history and expertise to land a job in no time.

Creating an event and inviting all your friends is a breeze with Serendipity. Instead of sending that slightly obnoxious “where are you?!” text, you can track their movements right in the app to estimate their time of arrival. It’s a win win for everyone.

Finding long lost friends is as easy as 1-2-3. With Serendipity, you can see not only your current connections, but common connections. Of course we do have the regular old search bar to find people, but isn’t creeping fun? We all do it, there’s no shame! Creep on.


Serendipity Infographic5