Welcome to Serendipity! 



Serendipity is an app that aims to connect everyone, all over the world.  With Serendipity, you can view connections between yourself and all those who use the app as well as their degree of separationfrom you. For example, you are at a Cubs game and you would like to see if anyone you know is also there and you would like to meet up for a quick bite or drink. You open the app and see who is around! You will be able to see just how closely they are related to you whether they are your neighbor or your neighbor’s cousin’s sister’s husband. 

Serendipity allows you to create groups and track their movements. Taking a long trip to Disney World? Let us take the hassle out of keeping track of everyone. You can also set your car’s location in case you forget where you parked!

Add what you are open to from networking, volunteering, dating, meeting new friends, and even freelance work to create an even larger network than you have.


We do not want you to miss another connection again and you don’t have to with the Serendipity app. Find it in the iTunes and Android app stores soon!