Why Choose Serendipity?

Serendipity is the SAFETY App you’ve always wanted for your family and friends. Most other apps like Life360 focus on driver safety and membership features you don’t need like id theft protection, credit monitoring, roadside assistance, crime reports, etc.

Serendipity is iOS and Android compatible so we cover over 99% of all phones in the world which should include the phones of all your friends and family.

Privacy – We focus on privacy first with a lot of privacy first features including the option all users have to turn off tracking anytime they so desire.

With Serendipity, we focus on the intersection between technology, tracking and safety and only offer you features that focus on bringing you knowledge around these. We have cutting edge technology that allows us to bring you the following amazing tracking features that will bring safety to you and your loved ones:

Location History

Knowledge of Real-Time Location

Rest easy knowing you never have to worry about where you’re loved ones are. When they don’t arrive on time or you just cannot reach them by phone, just open up the app and see their exact location.

Unlimited Arrival and Departure Notifications

Get Notified of your connections who arrive and depart locations you set such as work, home or school.

Details of your Connections

View your connections direction and speed and mode of travel (car, bike, walking). See if they are sitting at a stoplight, which direction they are traveling and if they are on bike, car or simply walking.

Location History

Alert Settings of your Connections nearby

This is one amazing features that allows you to get notified when your connections are up to 200 miles away from you. Great for when traveling and realizing that other people you know are close to you.

radar phone screen
Location History

View 90-day Route History

Great for making sure your parents went to their doctors appointments, kids went to school or just seeing the route taken by people you are tracking. You can even view the mode of travel and speed as well as the total trip time.


When traveling create groups with everyone you are traveling with and always know where everyone is. Never lose anyone. Great for amusement parks and group trips.

Degrees of Separation

Use this feature to see how you are connected to anyone else using the app and see all of your common connections!

Six Degrees


Use our Events feature to invite people to the event and see where everyone is within 2 hours before and after the event. And get notifications of their arrival and departure!

event screen

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