Sure, you’ve seen our app and all our social media posts that might tempt you to download it. Don’t let me stop you! But just in case you were wondering, we want to show you a few highlights of one of the best social applications in the market.

With Serendipity you can:

  • View connections between yourself and all those who use the app as well as their degree of separation from you.
  • Track group members and their locations.
  • Set your car location to save the information for later use.
  • Set different modes between networking,
  • Add interests, work experience, and skills to profiles.
  • Create events and invite friends to attend. On the day of the event, you can be notified of their location to determine their time of arrival.
  • Drop pins and save locations to navigate back.
  • Add what you’re open to including networking, volunteering, dating, meeting new friends, and even freelance work.

Even though I just wrote all of that out, we made this infographic to make it more fun!

Serendipity Infographic1

Cheers to you on learning about Serendipity!